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Virtual Private Networks are a big deal, and this shouldn Wireguard is an awesome peer-to-peer VPN tunnel that makes it really easy for me to get into my home n... read more


I work with data a lot, but the nature of my job isn When I However, Visidata is a terminal based application and I First thing to do is This is super nice for... read more

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Upgrading your kernel can F you up... whoops

https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/update-error-with-coral-tpu-drivers.136888/#post-608975 I lost TPU for frigate, this saved me ass... read more

Customize K9s

To customize k9s use the skins from catppuccin or the ones k9s supplies Then edit your k9s config Other k9s skins are available ... read more

Git fetch failing - check your config

I started deploying a website to Cloudflare on a branch called git fetch -a I checked my git config, and to this moment I have no idea how this happened but ch... read more

Git repo specific SSH Key!

git config --add --local core.sshCommand ... read more


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