Chaos Dragon

Dragons are metaphorical images in the Bible

Goliath -> armor descriptions Leviathan

Dragon slayers can be enticed to become dragons themselves

Jesus is the great dragon slayer, who doesn't give in to the inticing power of the dragon

Jesus' victory came through the surrender of his life - which brings him deep into the dragon's realm, to deliver the ultimate blow


  1. In the Bible, why is it challenging for humans to slay the dragon? What risks are involved? The dragon's power is enticing... back to Genesis 3, humans are easy to persuade to do things for personal gain It's challenging also becauset the dragon is powerful, and humans are not (without its power or the power of Jesus) so if we stand against it without the Lord, what hope do we have of victory?

  2. What are some of the ways that Jesus confronted the “dragon” in his ministry?

  3. calming the sea

  4. conquering sickness in others
  5. tempter in the wilderness

  6. How does Jesus ultimately defeat the “dragon”? How can we follow his example?

  7. Surrender
  8. I think we do the same, but it doesn't always look like death, sometimes it's subverting the temporary authorities we are under to comply in the least possible ways while always ultimately striving for the coming of the Kingdom