Destroying Tmux sessions with fzf

I use Tmux and Vim for most of my workflow, but I end up with a lot of dangling tmux sessions that dont' really need to persist... but killing them one at a time is a pain so I wrote a little script-kitty nonsense to pipe multiple choices from fzf into tmux kill-session

I defined a little function in my .zshrc

destroy() { 
    tmux list-sessions -F '#{session_name}' | fzf -m | xargs -d $'\n' sh -c 'echo "killing $0"; tmux kill-session -t "$0"; for arg;do echo "killing $arg";tmux kill-session -t "$arg"; done'
bindkey -s '^d' 'destroy \n'

tmux list-sessions -F '#{session_name}' prints all my active tmux sessions to the console with the format of just their name   main   ×1 via   v3.8.11(  on  (us-east-1) proxy
❯ tmux list-sessions -F '#{session_name}'

Pipe that to fzf -m to allow multiple choices to be made using tab

Then the nasty bit in xargs... I echo killing @0 and killing $arg because the sh -c passes the first tmux session name to @0 (it's just what bash does) and then the rest get handled in the for loop.

Basically then I get an fzf list to choose multiple tmux sessions to destroy to clean up some RAM!