Git fetch failing - check your config

I started deploying a website to Cloudflare on a branch called pages. Similar to one of the GH Pages deployment patterns. But when my CI was pushing the branch I couldn't see it locally...

git fetch -a wasn't pulling any new branches, and git branch -a was only showing my development and main branches at the remote... so what gives?

I checked my git config, and to this moment I have no idea how this happened but check out my fetch config:

git config --get remote.origin.fetch

So to fix this:

git config remote.origin.fetch '+refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*'

Now git fetch -a works again

> git fetch -a

   357a28a..969b027  develop    -> origin/develop
   c052ac9..6d40210  main       -> origin/main
 * [new branch]      pages      -> origin/pages