Reindex Nextcloud After Adding Data via CLI

My Nextcloud woes

I wrote here about setting up www-data as the owner of any directories you want nextcloud to manage. However, I regularly struggle wtih permissions issues on my NAS because of the external storage app anyways so I've decided to just put our photos in the spot Nextcloud would otherwise put them, and use this as healthy pressure on our family to organize our photos and put the ones we care about with the rest of our family media.


Because I had a ton of photos on the NAS anyways that I wanted moved over to Nextcloud I just rsync'd the photos directory on my NAS to the user's photos directory in nextcloud but they weren't showing up in the web UI!

The Fix?

As www-data I needed to php /var/www/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all inside my nextcloud docker container AFTER moving a bunch of photos off my "NAS" into the folder mounted to the nextcloud container as its data folder! Before I did this they weren't showing up in the web UI/